March 20, 2011

Pitty Love :-p

For the first post of our first blog-- we just wanna say hello, and welcome. We created this blog to share stories, facts, and about pitbulls in need! We are hoping to change perspectives and opinions of the breed and gain more people wanting to adopt and love pitbulls. We have two pitbulls of our own-Kyzer & Jayda. They are the best dogs in the world.


It's horrible to think how people judge these dogs just by their breed.. It's all about their owners and how they are raised. Punish the deed not the breed..

Even when we take ours into PETSMART we get looks.. and questions like, "Is he gonna bite me?" Really lady? Just ridiculous. Also, most people think a Pitbull is any dog with a large head..A great website to share with friends or just people who clearly do not know what a Pitbull looks like--


Please check back for more stories and posts. Thanks... :)
Jake & Chelsea

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